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Tikehau Capital

32 rue de Monceau

F-75008 Paris


Contact Institutional Clients

Dominik P. Felsmann

Head of Germany

Phone: +49 175 875 1319

E-mail: dfelsmann@tikehaucapital.com

Contact Wholsale Clients

Dominik P. Felsmann

Head of Germany

Phone: +49 175 875 1319

E-mail: dfelsmann@tikehaucapital.com

Company at a glance

Tikehau Capital is a global alternative asset management group with €36.8 billion of assets under management (at 30 June 2022).

Tikehau Capital has developed a wide range of expertise across four asset classes (private debt, real assets, private equity and capital markets strategies) as well as multi-asset and special opportunities strategies.

Tikehau Capital is a founder led team with a differentiated business model, a strong balance sheet, proprietary global deal flow and a track record of backing high quality companies and executives.

Deeply rooted in the real economy, Tikehau Capital provides bespoke and innovative alternative financing solutions to companies it invests in and seeks to create long-term value for its investors, while generating positive impacts on society. Leveraging its strong equity base (€3.1 billion of shareholders’ equity at 30 June 2022), the firm invests its own capital alongside its investor-clients within each of its strategies.

Controlled by its managers alongside leading institutional partners, Tikehau Capital is guided by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and DNA, shared by its 725 employees (at 30 June 2022) across its 13 offices in Europe, Asia and North America.

Tikehau Capital is listed in compartment A of the regulated Euronext Paris market (ISIN code: FR0013230612; Ticker: TKO.FP).

Market position and target clients

Tikehau Capital manages €36,8bn (as at 30/06/2022) of assets, with shareholders’ equity of €3,1bn. Our target clients are mainly large institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, foundations, banks, family offices and corporates.

Investment philosophy in general

The firm’s investment philosophy is to act as a responsible and skillful steward of the savings entrusted to it through its LPs and investors, and to deploy them to achieve superior returns primarily by identifying promising channels for investment in the real economy. Nearly two thirds of assets under management are dedicated to the provision of private debt or equity capital to growing companies in Europe. At the same time we seek to expand our activity and reach as an alternative asset manager in liquid asset markets through the provision of differentiated strategies which address a wide range of institutional investor requirements.

Our key investment principles are:

  • Fundamental: combining a rigorous and disciplined investment process focused on equity and credit selection

  • Prudent: seeking asymmetry between returns and downside risks

  • Transparent: it reports in detail on its processes and remains accessible to its investors

  • Independent: investments are made based on strong convictions, free from benchmark constraints

  • Alignment of interests: Tikehau Capital is a core investor in every strategy launched by the Group


The Group's ESG philosophy is based on three pillars:

Governance Pillar

Tikehau Capital's Responsible Investment Charter makes governance one of the cornerstones of ESG analysis within the Group. It states that “model governance is based on transparent rules organising power and checks and balances. This type of governance enables the Company to ensure the interests of all the stakeholders (employees, executives, financiers, shareholders, the public etc.), to anticipate trends and to improve risk management.”

In terms of governance, Tikehau Capital promotes clear and proportional rights. The Group generally maintains a dialogue with the management of the companies in which it has invested and with the other stakeholders. Due to its different business lines and the specific circumstances of each investment, the Group nevertheless does not intend to be systematically involved in the governance of the companies it finances.

Social Pillar

Tikehau Capital adheres to the principles laid down in the fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organisation ("ILO") concerning (i) respect for the freedom of association and right to collective bargaining, (ii) the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation, (iii) the elimination of forced and compulsory labour, and (iv) the effective abolition of child labour.

The Group endeavours to ensure that human resources play an integral part of its own strategy and of that of the companies in which it invests. Depending on the nature of the businesses and their industries, qualitative or quantitative criteria used in regard to social aspects may vary: human resources policy, social risk, employee safety and work-related accident rates.

Tikehau Capital’s approach rests on the belief that high-quality management of human resources is required for a company to be productive, reduce social risks of any kind and therefore prove to be a promising investment.

Environmental Pillar

During the environmental analysis of the issuers, Tikehau Capital considers risks and opportunities related to climate change, the types of Real Estate assets and energy efficiency. The Group also takes account of the exposure to proven or potential environmental controversies.

In line with the recommendations of Decree no. 2015-1850 of 29 December 2015 implementing Article 173 (VI) of the French Energy Transition for Green Growth Act, Tikehau Capital has commissioned S&P Trucost Limited (“Trucost”), a leading expert in environmental impact assessments, to conduct carbon assessments on its main liquid funds.



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ESG Kompetenz und USPs

Tikehau Investment Management signed the Principles for Responsible Investment ("PRI") in 2014, confirming its long-term commitment to integrate the ESG dimension into its investment strategy. Tikehau IM employs ESG Officers who oversee all the ESG-related activities.

All levels of the Group's hierarchy are involved in the responsible investment process. When considering a new investment, the ESG policy is taken into account in the analyses carried out by the investment teams and is treated in similar ways as other economic, financial or operational indicators. Within each investment teams, key ESG contacts have been nominated and act as representatives to promote the integration of ESG criteria in their business line.

Tikehau Capital top management is involved in the development of ESG and Climate policies. Mathieu Chabran (a co-founder of the group) is involved in structuring and formalising ESG and climate policies as a permanent member of the ESG Committee. This ESG Committee has been set up to steer, oversee and integrate the ESG strategy across the organisation. Moreover, the committee is made up of different senior representatives of the organisation, which demonstrates the importance this subject holds for the management.

Tikehau Capital received the A+ score for the Strategy & Governance module.



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