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PineBridge Investments Deutschland GmbH

Maximilianstraße 13

D-80539 München


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Petra Lugones Targarona

Managing Director

Phone: +49 89 20300 6412

E-mail: petra.lugonestargarona@pinebridge.com

Contact Wholesale Clients

Petra Lugones Targarona

Managing Director

Phone: +49 89 20300 6412

E-mail: petra.lugonestargarona@pinebridge.com

Company at a glance

PineBridge Investments is a private, global asset manager focused on active, high-conviction investing. The firm draws on the collective power of our experts in each discipline, market, and region of the world through an open culture of collaboration designed to identify the best ideas. Our mission is to exceed clients’ expectations on every level, every day. As of 31 March 2019, the firm managed US$93.4 billion across global asset classes for sophisticated investors around the world.

Market position and target clients

PineBridge Investments (“PineBridge or the “Firm”) manages a diverse range of active strategies across multi-asset, fixed income, equity and alternative asset classes. Within each asset class, we choose to operate in those market segments where we believe our active, high conviction approach can add value — helping our clients achieve outcomes that exceed traditional benchmark returns while actively managing risk. To support our investment and performance objectives, we employ approximately 200 investment professionals. The Firm draws on the collective power of its investment experts in each discipline, market, and region of the world through an open culture of collaboration designed to identify the best ideas. The benefits of our tight network are evident in our investment decisions and ability to deliver results for clients.

Our client base is highly diversified and includes public and private pension plans, corporations, insurance companies, foundations and endowments over the world. Thus, we have experience of working with almost all types of clients. PineBridge seeks to generate higher alpha by integrating the firm’s global multi-asset class knowledge and insights through effective collaboration between all of its investment teams, and through innovative investment methodologies that unite fundamental perspectives and deep analytical insights.

Investment philosophy in general

We believe in taking an active approach to investment management, building portfolios with a high level of conviction, while carefully managing risk. We see opportunity when certain asset classes and market segments are less efficient than others, creating particularly fertile ground for active management. Our detailed research harvests alpha by bridging sound fundamentals with pricing inefficiencies, and our suite of actively managed strategies are managed to identify these exceptional opportunities.


Fixed Income - Govies
Fixed Income - Corporate Bonds
Fixed Income - Hard Currency
Fixed Income - Local Currency
Fixed Income - unconstrained

Mixed - Equities + Bonds


Please describe your compenetnce and your USPs in managing Emerging Market strategies


As a part of its globally integrated global equity platform, PineBridge manages a variety of fundamental equity strategies within emerging markets. Details of the Firm’s capabilities within emerging market equities are as follows:

  • As of 31 March 2019, PineBridge manages over $13 billion in Emerging Market assets in Equities and have among the longest local presence and track records in Emerging Markets, particularly in Asia, compared to our peers.

  • The Emerging Market Equities team regularly interacts with the 30 members of PineBridge’s Emerging Markets Fixed Income team which collectively manages over $20 billion.

  • PineBridge has won a series of prestigious awards in many of our Emerging Markets Funds.

  • The Firm has a connected team globally with a shared investment philosophy and investment process of approximately 20 years to be able to generate ideas seamlessly.

  • PineBridge has a long-standing joint venture in Mainland China which is a key pillar of Emerging Markets. We continue to develop this joint venture.

  • Our Global Emerging Markets dedicated team consists of 4 seasoned Emerging Markets Portfolio Managers and Analysts with average experience of 17 years and is supported by approximately 20 experienced equity professionals worldwide to generate high conviction ideas with local perspectives.

  • PineBridge has a long heritage and experience in Emerging Markets. PineBridge offices in Asia have been continuously operated since 1988 in Hong Kong, 1989 in Taipei, 1996 in Singapore, and 2006 in Mumbai. PineBridge also has a number of long-dated Emerging Markets Equities track
    records, notably the below:

    • Asia Ex-Japan (1991)

    • Latin America (1993)

    • Asia Ex Japan Small Cap (1994)

    • Emerging Europe (1994)

    • Global Emerging Markets (1999)

Fixed Income

The Emerging Markets Debt (“EMD”) Team has been investing in emerging markets since the mid-1990s. Within our EMD division, dedicated emerging markets sovereign and corporate teams allow for focused and holistic analyses of emerging markets opportunities. Our EMD strategies are managed with an Integrated Portfolio Management philosophy, where interaction between Portfolio Managers, Analysts, and Traders is combined with a research-driven credit process, which seeks to produce superior investment results.


The EMD Team’s key competitive advantages derive from its experience, depth of resources, and geographic structure. As these advantages are difficult to replicate, we believe they are largely responsible for our strong results relative to peers in our core strategies. We have brought in new resources onto the Team throughout the past 10 years and we continue to add additional more junior resources to supplement our more experienced Team members, ensuring we continue to generate fresh ideas and challenge conventional wisdom and processes.


The EMD Team has a long-term history of managing assets across the rating spectrum and is adept
at managing multiple different EMD strategies including standalone investment grade (“IG”), high-yield (“HY”) focused, final/fixed maturity and rating unconstrained strategies. Our EM Corporate IG and EM Corporate IG Plus track records are two of the longest-dated corporate-only performance records in the industry, as measured by eVestment.

The senior leaders of our EMD Team have been working together since 2007 and have, on average, around 29 years of industry experience across many EM cycles, including both extreme bullish and bearish scenarios. The Team is part of a strong, integrated investment platform leveraging PineBridge’s on-the-ground resources across 15 EM countries.


Furthermore, the Firm’s nimble size and the depth of its investment platform allow for superior navigation of specialist emerging markets, where liquidity may prove more challenging in times of risk aversion. The EMD Team’s philosophy is based on building long-term client partnerships. As such, the Team is often praised for its personal touch and ease of access; we believe this has been a factor in the retention of existing clients, as well as in the continued growth of new clients and overall AUM.


The inclusion of ESG considerations within our traditional financial dates back to 2006 at our predecessor firm, AIG Asset Management. Indeed, having managed strategies across the asset classes in the Americas, Europe, Central Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia we have long faced ESG related issues that can have a meaningful impact on portfolio performance.

We are committed to strengthening and refining our ESG approach and are remain convinced that deferral to individual teams to establish specific policies and processes most appropriate to their investment activity is key to our success in this endeavor. We believe this to be one of our key competitive advantages and differentiates us from our peers. We are clear that ESG must be an “organic” effort that builds upon our existing investment philosophy, process and culture. We were not looking to change the core of our well-established and effective investment processes or graft a “new” ESG capability onto the Firm. Instead, we look to integrate ESG efforts in a manner that is complementary to our existing offerings. We rely on analysis of ESG risk factors, which aim at addressing the ESG risks that have the most weight in delivering alpha in our target investment universe and minimizing the ESG risks that have the most adverse effect on the portfolio's investment universe. By focusing on portfolio level ESG risks we are able to diversify away issuer exposure to those risks which are unattractive from a risk-reward standpoint and focus our exposure to those that are additive to the portfolio's objectives.



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