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Bellevue Asset Management

Seestraße 16

CH-8700 Küsnacht Goldbach


Ansprechpartner Institutionelle Anleger

Alexander Brühl

Geschäftsführer Bellevue Asset Management (Deutschland) GmbH

Telefon: +49 69 77 060 8103

E-mail: abr@bellevue-am.de

Ansprechpartner Institutionelle Anleger

Gökay Safak

Prokurist Bellevue Asset Management (Deutschland) GmbH

Telefon: +49 69 77 060 8101

E-mail: gsa@bellevue-am.de

Ansprechpartner Wholesale Anleger

Patrick Fischli

Head Sales

Telefon: +41 44 267 67 11

E-mail: pfi@bellevue.ch

Ansprechpartner Wholesale Anleger

Heiko Ulmer

Leiter Wholesale Deutschland

Telefon: +41 44 267 72 73

E-mail: hul@bellevue.ch

Unternehmen im Überblick

Bellevue Asset Management Ltd. is an independent and highly specialized asset management boutique focused on managing equity investment strategies for specific sectors and regions as well as institutional assets. The company was founded in 1993 and is a 100% subsidiary of the Bellevue Group, which is an independent financial services company, listed at the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange.

Marktposition und Zielkunden

Institutional Investors (e.g. pension funds, insurance companies, banks, foundatios, churches, family offices etc.)

Wholesale Investors (e.g. asset manager, fund of funds etc.)

Allgemeine Investmentphilosophie

  • Active managmenet style, benchmark-agnostic

  • High "active Share", moderate turnover

  • Disciplined, risk-controlled investment process

  • Entrepreneurial, passionate, committed