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First State Investments

Westhafentower, Westhafenplatz 1

D-60327 Frankfurt


Contact Institutional Clients

Robert Retz

Sales Manager

Phone: +49 69 710 456 304

E-mail: robert.retz@firststate.co.uk

Contact Wholesale Clients

Robert Retz

Sales Manager

Phone: +49 69 710 456 304

E-mail: robert.retz@firststate.co.uk

Company at a glance

First State Investments ("FSI") also known as Colonial First State Global Asset Management ("CFSGAM") in Australia and New Zealand is the investment management division of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia ("CBA").

Market position and target clients

We are stewards of assets managed on behalf of institutional investors, pension funds, wholesale distributors, investment platforms, financial advisers and their clients worldwide.

Investment philosophy in general

We manage portfolios across a range of asset classes, investment styles and risk profiles. We have a 'boutique' investment culture that has been fostered within our firm in order to relieve individual investment management teams of constrictive, overarching house policies. We believe successful, long-term investing is achieved by empowering teams of specialists to apply their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the markets ensuring alignment between our people and our clients' expectations.

Investment decisions are based on rigorous research which seeks to identify opportunities as well as associated risks. Disciplined portfolio construction processes ensure portfolio risks are managed to seek the maximum reward in line with portfolio objectives. Regular investment review ensures ongoing alignment between portfolio holdings and portfolio objectives.



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